Natural Landscaping Green Concepts.

Natural yard landscaping or native gardening concepts is the process of improving the natural look of your property in the way it was designed by nature. The method includes the enhancing of gentle curvy line and winding garden courses rather strict symmetrical lines. Utilizing your rustic look, natural structure materials, local plants, stones, wildflowers and wood structures that enhance the inviting feel with a natural appearance

Natural landscaping is the process of adapting to your environment, location, and hydrology and generally does not need pesticides, fertilizers, and water to survive. Native plants have adjusted and evolved to local conditions over countless years — nevertheless, some preventive care may still be needed for some areas.

Natural Landscaping Support & Dutch Green

The team at Dutch Green are strong supporters of original landscaping ideas. They support an eco-friendly method to produce environment-friendly surroundings and enable homeowners to save money and effort on gardening.

We can incorporate natural landscaping ideas and native plants into any residential or commercial properties. Hardscaping, including natural stone and wood structures, are just a few of the elements we can introduce to your natural landscaping.

Dutch Green focuses on perennials, including small flowering plants, that grow and bloom naturally over the spring and summer in your environment, Unlike annual plants that only live for one growing season. Annual requires every year consistently for the life of your garden.

Some examples of perennials include tulips, asters, black-eyed susans, and lilies, to mention a few. We identify indigenous plants and flowers that are growing on your property, which will complement your landscaping ideas.
We will select only the best plants for our Canadian environment that can endure the winter season cold and summertime heat. As soon as they develop, they will thrive without watering or fertilization and are resistant to the majority of pests and illnesses.

Nature & Natural Landscaping

Natural Landscaping ConceptsNatural backyard landscaping concepts and green garden styles are terrific for those who enjoy nature, wildlife, and value simple, elegant outdoor living spaces.

Even small yard designs can benefit from a small natural garden that integrates wildlife-friendly flowers and, stones into modern lifestyle design. A native garden does not mean you should have an overgrown lawn or bushes indiscriminately all over your property.

Natural yard landscaping links people with nature and teaches the next generation how to respect and appreciate wildlife and enjoy the charm of natural environments. It also helps our children to develop sense stewardship that will follow them for ages to follow.

Many Cities sensible have quickly recognized the advantages of native landscaping due to community budget restraints. The public is now benefiting from the application of natural landscaping techniques, including the elimination of pesticide in public areas.

The all-natural approach to landscape design– a method that not just supplies important environment for wild animals yet additionally drastically reduces the environmental burdens connected with lawn treatment and chemical use.

Recap Benefits of Native Plants

Let us recap some of the benefits of native plants. The most significant advantage is that it will save you money and time in the long run.

Natural plants do not require fertilizers and pesticides to help their growth. Indigenous landscaping is safer for you, your family members, your next-door neighbors, and your pets. Fewer chemicals promote cleaner water runoffs and overflow and more secure water products.

They need significantly less water than laws and will survive naturally under and conditions including drouth and cold.

Ordinary plants provide a natural habitat for bees, butterflies, birds, and shelter and food for wildlife, including microscopic animals. Pollinators require native plants! More bees imply more flowers and fruits for your garden.

It helps reduce air pollution be eliminating mowing. Native plants encourage biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage.

Natural & Dutch Green Approach

When our professionals assess your yard, we take note of locals plants and shrubs that grow naturally in your area. The information we collect provides us with knowledge of what type of plants will do well in your environment.

Native plants have a much superior rate of survival because integration into your soil and local Ottawa climatic conditions are essential.

Our design team will try to enhance and incorporate most or all of your natural plants into our design.
The Aim to re-create or enhance natural elements in your garden is always, a prime focus for our company. If you’re considering walls or walkways, utilizing natural hardscape materials such as natural stone is a step in the right direction.

If you design your environmentally friendly yard landscaping project with natural garden style in mind, include local plants and flowers into your outside garden plans.

It will provide plants the very best opportunity to endure, which promotes a healthy sustainable conserving cash, and time on gardening while complying with the rules of nature while promoting a healthy & sustainable environment.

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