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Dutch offers a wide range of services to Ottawa and surrounding areas including complete design services as well as hardscaping and landscaping. With over 30 years in business, the company has honed an expertise for all of their various services.

Comprised of highly experienced landscape designers and construction crew members, the team work together seamlessly in completing each and every clients’ vision. Coinciding with founder Nico van Stralen’s career work in urban design, recreational planning, estate landscaping, development, residential and natural landscaping, Dutch offers Ottawa’s finest landscaping services.

The beginning of every landscaping plan.

Landscape plans are drawn up by an experienced landscape architect

who will listen to the client’s ideas, offer professional advice,

and draft up the landscaping or hardscaping project

to be presented and constructed in the property.

Landscaping Services Ottawa

Landscape Work in Ottawa

Dutch Green delivers expert landscaping services to homeowners throughout Ottawa. Tell us your visions and we’ll bring them to life using our horticultural and architectural expertise. We use various hardscape, softscape, and natural elements in the lawn together to create ambiance and allure on your property. Creating the most picturesque home on the block is simple. Our work encompasses lasting effects through tree, flower, and plant growth that lasts throughout the year.

Not Your Typical Landscaping Companie Ottawa Ontario

Dutch Green delivers more than 30 years’ landscaping experience to your job. We’re one of the landscape companies in Ottawa you can trust to deliver exceptional services that create the immaculate scenery that you want. Landscaping is far more than a job to our experts. It’s the artwork and they’re responsible for bringing imagination to life. Our proven expert advice ensures that your ideal landscape is found.

The Landscape Design Process

Our design team takes pride in creating a lucrative property that adds value to the neighborhood. We carefully inspect the property, observing characteristics such as the position of the sun, topography, climate, and soil structure to ensure the best trees, shrubbery, and flowers are planted in your lawn. We examine the symmetry of the property to ensure the best layout, and of course, add necessary lighting to enhance the scenery and add safety to your home. Once we have created the perfect design, we show you our plans so you see your visions brought to life.

We bring expertise and experience to the design job. Our team is committed to your project and a fulfilling landscape project from start to finish. You’ll appreciate our honest, worthwhile service just as much as we enjoy providing that to every customer that we serve.

Who is the Best of the Landscape Companies Ottawa?

Landscaping Services OttawaAs one of the most well-respected landscaping teams in Ottawa, we’re committed to excellence. We take pride in our customers and the work that we provide. Not only can you expect quality landscaping work that exceeds expectations but also a team of professionals who put your needs first. As a design landscaping team, making dreams come true is all a part of a day’s work and one that we thoroughly enjoyed. We deliver our services at reasonable rates highly competitive with the others in the area. We stand behind our work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Your Trusted Outdoor Living Specialists

As your outdoor design and build outdoor living specialists, we offer many services to complete your impressive landscape. Always dreams of having a pool in the backyard? Once we design the perfect swimming pool, installing it will be something that you can’t wait to do. We also offer a full outdoor living design and installation process. Dutch Green loves to bring your visions to life. We’re filled with endless ideas for amazing landscaping projects, regardless of your budget or the decor you prefer.

We take care of every detail of the project. Rest assured our experts are there to oversee the project. Our goal is to make you our next satisfied customer in every aspect. We want your landscape to be enjoyed for many years to come, but we also know that your landscape should provide use as well. Rest assured Dutch Green Landscaping delivers what you want. We’re a family owned and operated company that delivers top-notch services to residents in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

If you want an exterior that bursts with ambiance and flavor, you need the expertise Dutch Green Landscaping brings to your place. Beautiful gardens, intricate hardscapes, lush trees, and majestic stonework and walkways add the sophistication to your property that you crave. They’re also some of the many landscaping services we offer to help bring your property to life. We’re not the average landscape company, but that is evident from the moment you speak to one of our agents. We’d love to show you why we’ve served so many homeowners throughout the years.

We Make Dreams Come True

We want to do more than make our customers happy; we want to exceed expectations. We have a staff of OSHA-certified landscaping experts who’ve received the highest available training, making them industry experts capable of safely creating a lawn that leaves lasting impressions. You can expect your landscape to become the focal point of the entire neighborhood -a true envy of the neighbors -after our experts come out to service your needs. If you can think it, we can design it and make your dreams come true.

We pride ourselves on quality work, regardless of the job size. Call us to handle your small and large projects alike and get the design and build that you want and need to create a property that stands above the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. We take pride in those small jobs that are easier than the rest and find it rewarding to overcome obstacles and hurdles that may stand in the way with some of the larger jobs. We don’t mind a challenge because we love what we do. Will you be one of the next satisfied customers who’s learned firsthand that it’s true what they say? Dutch Green landscaping is the Ottawa landscaping and hardscape contractor you want and need.

Our Landscaping Secrets

You caught us. We won’t give your our landscaping secrets. The truth is, there are really no secrets to give you. Obviously, training is needed to learn the in’s and out’s of our Landscaping Services. But, the rest is something that no one can teach you. When you carry with you a passion for landscaping and design, the rest comes naturally. That’s what separates us from the other guys. We have a passion for your home, for immaculate design, and for making others happy. It’s our palette and our work of art is soon to become your life. We emphasize colors, textures, and lighting together with property shape and size to ensure that your home is fit to star on the cover of any home and gardens magazine. Alluring charm and near-perfect design are qualities that you get when you trust our team of design professionals to assist you.

Before You Add New Landscaping

Eep the following information in mind f you plan to call Dutch Green to schedule Landscaping Services at your home.

Space: The size and the shape of your property influence the landscaping options available to you. Consider the available space when envisioning your landscape design.
Money: Consider the job costs and make sure that you don’t pay for the entire costs of the job upfront.
Be Realistic: Set realistic expectations for the contractor. Otherwise, you will be disappointed without a resolution. If it is impossible, the landscaper cannot make magic happen.
DIY or Hire a Contractor: If you are a DIY’er by nature, much of the landscaping work can be handled without our help. However, for all others and for those tedious projects or when you want someone who can expertly design your property, you need the help of Dutch Green Landscaping.
Professional can help homeowners with services such as:

Softscape: Softscapes use what’s already in the yard and enhance it to benefit the appearance of the property. This includes flowers, trees, shrubbery, etc.
Hardscapes: Custom landscapes are oftentimes referred to as hardscapes. Any hard surface that’s already in place on your property is considered a hardscape that a design professional can enhance.

A Reliable Landscaping Contractor

Dutch Green Landscaping is Ottawa’s trusted name in design. We have many satisfied customers who continually return to us for service and recommend us to their friends. Unlike some landscaping companies, we alert you to all you landscaping options, not only the most expensive. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction when the project is completed. This happens only when we’ve listed and catered to your needs. We don’t mind climbing the ladder to make our customers happy.

Choose your Design

We offer landscaping designs for every budget and frame of mind. Whatever you wish is our command because we work for the needs of our customers. We offer:

Eco-Friendly Designs

Eco-friendly services are available from Dutch Green Landscaping. We pride ourselves on quality work as well as keeping the environment safe. Rest assured our team uses the most technologically advanced products and services that do not negatively impact the environment.

Modern Design

Modern design is important to any homeowner. We make sure that your design fits the look and style that you want your home to encompass. We’ll bring traditional styles up to date or otherwise create the property that makes you smile. Concrete paths, flower beds, patios, outdoor kitchens, and planeteers combined with metal and/or wood accents are usually involved in a modern design structure.

English & Cottage Style

Classic English cottage garden plants bring even more ambiance to your property. Choose from Lavender, Lamb’s Ear, old-fashioned roses, Foxglove, clematis, and other choices to create a garden that bursts with beauty.

Asian/Japanese Style

Create an Oriental garden to encompass natural. Japanese gardens use natural elements, geometric shapes, and stones to create the eccentric look that you want. Rocks, water, plants, and colorful ornaments are included in an Asian style landscape design.

Desert Style Gardens

Desert style gardens use scale, color, and shape combined with rocks, flowers, and trees to complement one another.

Classic Style

Old-World charm is the style chosen by homeowners who enjoy classic European designs but who also want to add a bit of flair to the scenery. Using exotic tropical plants, classic styles are inspired by islands and other points of interest.

Expert Ottawa Landscaping & Hardscaping Contractor

Call us today to request your free, no obligation estimate to learn how much it will cost to bring your landscaping dreams to life. It’s probably more affordable than you realize. We’d love to be there to make your home more perfect than it is already.

The Design Approach to Landscaping

Dutch believes in a client-oriented design process – one that strives to create plans that not only meet the needs of the client but also go above and beyond their expectations. At Dutch, we conduct design meetings with our clientele to properly identify their needs and to explore alternative design options. This process provides both the designer and the customer with a tool to achieve an aesthetically and emotionally pleasing design as well as a foundation off which to base expectations, planning, logistics and project staging.

Example of a front yard concept design

The Construction Approach to Landscaping

Proper engineering, which begins at the design level, is transmitted to the construction phase and executed by the foreman and crew. The foreman and designer perform the initial layout and introduction to the project both in office and on-site meetings. Dutch has a knowledgeable and experienced construction crew who are project driven and enjoy transforming a vision into reality. Our members are comprised of reliable and dedicated personnel who are known for their personable, yet professional, communication with all clients.

The following is an example of a walkway and driveway inlay project from start to finish:


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