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Dutch Green.ca an Ottawa landscape design contractor will present a concept design after the first initial consultation. Clients will receive plans drawn up by a professional landscape architect with knowledgeable experience and a landscape construction background in the field. The designer will listen to your ideas, offer useful feedback, and draft up the landscaping and hardscaping design for your approval.

You can learn more about Dutch Green and Nico Van Steralen his background as an Ottawa landscaper, his Ottawa landscaping business, his years of experience in the landscape design business.

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After completion of the design plan, a subsequent meeting will be scheduled to present the project. The proposal will show your property’s full potential and beautifully integrate your ideas with the surrounding elements.

A stairway and walkway concept design


Dutch Green.ca’s client-centered approach to landscape design Ottawa, it too works towards developing a design that meets the needs of the client and goes far beyond their basic expectations. The process works by holding design meetings with a seasoned landscape architect and the clientele to fully assess and identify their vision and to investigate all possible options for a final product.

Concept designs for a front yard grand entry way, stairs, landing, and interlock driveway
Concept designs for a backyard

Through this process, both the designer and the client come away with a plan for achieving an aesthetically pleasing and emotionally rich design that will serve as the template for building the project.

Backyard deck side view and garden oasis design

Once the construction process is underway, the client can, at any point, request a site meeting or telephone conference with our Ottawa landscape design contractor or the designer to discuss any concerns they may have including asking additional features to the project. Significant design changes would require the landscape architect and the client’s approval before the construction proceeds. Once a modification or upgrade has been approved, the foreman implements the updated design in the construction schedule to ensure a smooth transition till finish.

Backyard deck and garden oasis floor plan


Sharing knowledge and ideas is the first step in creating a beautiful landscape design.

landscape Design Ottawa – The Ins and Outs

Designing a landscape is in no way, shape or form a simple process. That’s the reason that it’s a job that requires a seasoned professional touch. A gorgeous landscape can make any outdoor space appear a lot more memorable. It can enhance the curb appeal and value of any associated property as well. If you’re interested in landscape design for your property, it can help significantly to be in tune with the ins and outs of the process in advance.

Going About Designing a Landscape

Many different things go into designing a landscape that makes full sense. Our professional landscape designer typically starts things by studying up on their clients’ requests and objectives.
We have to consider many diverse factors. It’s crucial to think about softscapes, hardscapes, soil conditions, light conditions, the Ottawa climate, weather and beyond. Once our landscape design expert comprehends all of these factors in vivid detail, he can proceed to come up with strategies and concepts for your project. For example, a client who is enthusiastic about hosting outdoor parties may benefit significantly from the addition of a deck, a gazebo or outdoor wood structure and patio into the plans. A client who has a zeal for bright and enticing colors may benefit considerably from the introduction of all sorts of flowering plants including annuals as well as shrubs.

It’s not only vital for our landscape designers to come up with a suitable design. We also have to determine whether certain concepts are realistic for your property and the Ottawa climate. At Dutch Green landscaping, practicality is and has always been a significant component of our detail-oriented landscape design process. Our gold is to deliver a landscaping design that is scalable and, will be practical for many years in the future.

Looking for landscaping ideas?

You can get inspiration for landscape design projects in many ways. You can get inspiration by driving around beautiful communities and looking at the outdoor spaces that surround residences. You can also turn to the power of the Internet. There is an abundance of websites out there that concentrate on landscape and design. Publications that revolve around the gardening world can often come in handy for homeowners who want to get their hands on exciting and fresh design ideas. Some of the most cutting edge landscape designs are the ones who are always trying to stay ahead of the rest of the pack. Bring your ideas to Dutch Green, and we will assist and determine if it’s suitable for your project or your outdoor space. If it is, we will add it to your design and turn it into reality. Plus you can visit our portfolio page to get some ideas.

Concepts and Landscape Design

Landscape planning and designing are like almost anything else in this life in that they call for tangible concepts.
Lack of an idea can make designing even a simple backyard a daunting task for some homeowners. They know that they would like to improve the outdoor living space, but they don’t know where to start. Lucky for them, we have done it all in the last thirty years of planning outdoor space. Dutchgreen has successfully delivered beautiful outdoor living space for homeowners that did not know where to start.
Ideas always differ based on clients’ specific aesthetic preferences and goals. One client may want to design a landscape that’s reminiscent of an enduring Japanese garden. Another may want to put together a somewhat modern landscape idea. It’s imperative for the Dutch Green team of landscape designers to sit down and listen in detail to all our clients’ biggest wishes.

Principles and Landscape Design

Whether it’s a small or large job, designing a landscaped outdoor space should never be something that should be thoughtless or random or left to chance. There are quite a few fundamental principles linked to the landscape design realm. Understanding these basics are invaluable for any professionals designer. The use of hardscape and softscape elements are a must. Our landscape designers need to spend time focusing on equilibrium. The absence of landscape symmetry can be extremely distasteful. Some of the most masterful landscapes planners in the world concentrate their efforts on streamlined outdoor spaces.
Outdoor spaces that are overly busy and cluttered can often be visually unpleasant. Other essential principles that are attached to the universe of landscape design involve harmony, proportion and even pacing.

Preparation and Design Components

Readiness is always advantageous. We want your big landscape design project to go off without a hitch. We go out of our way to make sure anything and everything is prepared thoroughly.
We know that inadequate planning can lead to all sorts of mistakes and wastes of precious time. How can you the homeowner prepare for a landscape design journey? You can define the primary objective of your outdoor space. That is a critical part of our design strategy. As a homeowner, you need to decide how you want to use this outdoor space.
It may be to entertain guests during summertime and the need for an outdoor kitchen. It may be to function as additional space for your family to use in the summer months. A wood structure should be a consideration. Options are plentiful, but we need to know.
Identify the objective of your outdoor space will help us ponder design methods and all of their possibilities. We can now proceed by assembling all of the elements that we think will be useful in designing your outdoor project.
Accentuation is yet another huge component of getting ready for the design of your outdoor space. You need to think about any points of your outdoor you wish to showcase and bring to the forefront. The more nuanced we approach in preparation for your landscape design, the better your results should be when all is said and done.

Grasping the Universe of Landscape Design

With thirty years of experience under our belt, we stand proud to tell you upfront that landscape design, in a nutshell, is pretty straightforward.
It entails the positioning and ordering of outdoor space elements. The number one objective behind this form of design is simple. It can be to make spaces seem a lot more visually appealing or functional.
An individual who wants his or her lawn to be as pretty as a picture may go for landscape design work. Another individual who longs for a garden that can discourage the presence of annoying weeds or pests may go for it as well.
Once you define the purpose of your project and highlight the areas, you wish to showcase our design team will roll up their sleeves and get to work on your design plan.

The Undeniable Value of Designing a Landscape

Designing a landscape outdoor living space can be imperative for a couple of big reasons. It can empower people who want to be in touch with nature and the surroundings outdoors. If you enjoy gazing at the sky or lush greenery, a landscaped environment can be a significant help.
Landscape design can also safeguard many of the majestic animals that are in your area. It may defend birds. It may even protect all kinds of tiny insects and their habitats. Landscape design Ottawa, last but not least, can also be fantastic for people who want to be able to enjoy existences that are strikingly more fulfilling. Hanging out in a lovely and well-maintained garden can be soothing for your spirits and mood. Designing a landscape can accommodate all varieties of diverse applications these days. Let us show you how.

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When you need landscape design Ottawa locals can praise, then you need the masterful team here at Dutch Green Landscape Design Services.
Our professionals are top-notch landscape design gurus. They also aid customers with hardscaping, outdoor wood, and outdoor kitchen factors.
If you want to establish a lawn that’s brimming with vitality and energy, nothing can surpass our landscape design savvy. We concentrate on landscapes of all sizes and styles. It doesn’t matter if you have a big or a small area.
Our primary aim is to help you establish an outdoor setting that’s everything you need and more. If you’re on the lookout for landscape design services Ottawa folks can genuinely admire, then we won’t ever disappoint you.
You can talk to us at length about all of the breathtaking plants that you prefer. We can guide the way for you regarding gazebos, patios, decks, retaining walls and beyond. Reach out to the capable, hard-working, and meticulous team members at Dutch Green Landscape Design Services as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is always our main objective, plain and simple. Plus, We are here to answer all your questions before hiring us.


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