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Dutch is a professional hardscape designer and installer. They have created inspirational hardscape architecture using a variety of materials flawlessly fitted in stunning patterns that are both mesmerizing and balanced. As specialists in their field, they are practiced working with building materials such as: concrete, natural stone, composite decking, cedar wood, pressure-treated wood, brick, flagstone, granite, and pre-engineered products.

Outdoor park patio


Dutch is known in Ottawa for their gorgeously executed hardscape projects serving residential, recreational, and commercial clients. Their designs are purposely integrated to be practical and aesthetically pleasing. With over 30 years of experience, they are skillfully accustomed with old and new hardscaping techniques and materials to create a natural flow in their hardscape installation.

Our methods are simple: design, supply, and install. Clients are taken through every step of the process. In order to create spectacular and harmonious hardscape construction, Dutch resolves in using quality tested products and the latest installation standards. With their extensive material knowledge, choosing the right product and colour for the project is effortlessly achieved.

Natural stone circular patio under construction
Natural stone circular patio

As experts in hardscape projects such as: driveways, patios, garden walls, walkways, interlocking pavers, water features, BBQ pits, outdoor fireplace, decks, and retaining walls. Dutch guarantees a minimum two-year warranty in their work. Choosing only to achieve the highest standards, they will go above and beyond your hardscaping and landscaping expectations.

You can learn more about Dutch Green and Nico Van Steralen his background as an Ottawa landscaper, his Ottawa landscaping business, his years of experience in the landscape design business.

Outdoor Stone and Hardscaping Concepts

Outdoor Stones and the World of Hardscaping Design

Hardscaping is a significant element of the landscape design process. Hardscapes in comparison to softscapes or green landscaping call for substantially less maintenance work.

Some examples of widely known hardscapes are walkways, retaining walls and, last but not least, driveways. If you’re on the lookout for first-class hardscape installation and design work, you can turn to us at Dutch Green, a local Barrhaven company at any time.

We’re associated with hardscape architecture that employs all kinds of materials. Fans of patterns that take advantage of symmetry and harmony often cannot get enough of our methods.

Our landscaping firm is headquartered in Barrhaven Ottawa in Canada. We have landscaping engineers on staff that’s made up of talented and seasoned professionals. They all have in-depth knowledge of hardscaping services.

If you want to work with a professionals landscaping company in Ottawa that can aid you with hardscaping design concepts and soft landscaping services, they give us a call. Some of our many specialties are decks, cornerstone interlocking bricks, and landscaping in general.
Softscapes or soft landscaping services and hardscapes alike are among our primary focus. Outdoor space overhauls are the name of the game here at Dutch Green. If you’re interested in taking your outdoor space to the next level, you can turn to us with complete confidence.

Qualified and Capable Team Members on Our Side

We pride ourself as being a green landscaping company. We have been dazzling clients in the Ottawa area for over thirty years. We have team members who are some of the most credentialed and qualified individuals in the hardscape business.

If you recruit us for our services, you can team up with an aficionado who can give you anything and everything you need. Our consummate professionals work right alongside our clients every single step of the way. Our guidance starts with your in-depth consultation. It extends to the end of your construction project as well, and that’s not an exaggeration.

We approach client interactions with transparency. Customers appreciate our top-notch communication practices and detail explanation of every scenario.

Our employees are well-versed in the use of a broad range of natural construction materials. Several varieties of the materials they employ day in and day out are granite, flagstone, brick, wood that’s pressure-treated, cedar wood, composite decking, natural stone, and concrete. Pre-engineered products are often a big part of the equation, too.

Softscapes and Hardscapes: What Makes Them Both Distinctive?

Softscapes or soft landscaping as some may put it, and hardscapes are in no way the same. The process of putting together an outdoor landscape isn’t too complicated. It’s divided into a couple of categories. These categories are the softscapes as mentioned above and hardscapes.

They’re a pair of basic approaches that serve as the foundations of outdoor landscaping of all varieties. Allow me to put things in
Brick, stone, and interlocking-stone are a couple of common kinds of hardscapes materials that we all know. Hardscapes, true to the name, refer to components that are “hard” in texture. Wood, brick, and stone are all materials that are indisputably hard in feel.

Softscapes, or soft landscaping on the other hand, is a whole different story. Soft materials are the main concept behind these. Kinds of materials that are soft in texture are shrubs, trees, sod, and flowers.

Hardscapes, in a nutshell, is comprised of the non-living elements on your property. Retaining-walls, stone dividers, decks, pebbles, metal, wood, concrete, and walkways are all examples of hardscapes that are frequently seen in outdoor spaces.
The Dutch Green team includes professionals that understand the principals of landscape design. We have significant experience blending softscape and hardscape elements.

If you decide to collaborate with our company, we’ll enthusiastically present you with concepts that involve hardscape components. Enhancing client properties is and always has been our primary aim. Hardscaping is a vital aspect of the landscaping world.
Customers often benefit significantly from integrating hardscapes into their landscaping plans. Our team members meticulously assess landscaping components, including permanent fixtures on clients’ properties.

Once they do that, we will find a way to incorporate them into comprehensive design plans. Types of objects that are often already established are storage sheds, benches, driveways, shrubs, and fences. You may even choose to highlight one of the objects. Our team members will devise an approach that’s certain to stimulate your imagination.

Arrangements and Hardscaping

Plants and their arrangements are, in many cases, common elements of hardscaping design. Our team members are well-versed in all concepts that involve natural irrigation.

The Dutch Green team of pros can assist clients through the cooperation of raised yard sections, dividing lines, sophisticated water systems, and beyond. Hardscaping elements frequently come in handy for purposes that relate to drainage, barriers, and even irrigation.

Excellent hardscaping establishes separate outdoor spaces. These spaces, in many cases, are equipped with individual applications and concepts.
If you like the idea of splitting up an outdoor kitchen and a flagstone firepit, you can employ and, showcase a pathway that includes pavers. Doing so can set up a couple of bright outdoor spaces that are simple for people to all distinguish.

It can be helpful to be able to identify places that are suitable for winding down and, relaxing. Identifying areas on your property that are appropriate for parties and entertaining can be just as pleasant. Achieve the right blend of hardscape and plants is our specialty. You tell us what you have in mind and, leave it to us to design.

Dutch Green has a wide assortment of hardscape choices to suit every taste. Our company presents home-owners and, businesses in and around the city of Ottawa with all sorts of options in hardscaping specialties.

We eagerly aid our customers with masonry, the installation of concrete, retaining walls, interlocking brick, decorative stones, natural stones, armour stones, cultured stones, backyard landscaping ideas, interlocking paving stones and a whole lot more.

Our team professionals have been hard at work in the hardscaping realm for as long as 30 incredible years now.
We have hardscaping services gurus who can wow you with barbecues, fireplaces, walkways, outdoor wood construction, patios, driveways, benches, bars, waterfalls and swimming pool decks. New possibilities and options go far beyond just these as well.

True Landscape Design Commitment

Commitment is a big part of our company’s philosophy. Our staff members adore handling all of our clients’ requests. They take pride and will go above and beyond to see to it that our clients receive the exact results they want.
Nothing matters more to Dutch Green than, making our clients feel satisfied. Our landscaping engineer doesn’t care how ambitious or how simple your requests are.

Our team members can manage all of your hardscaping services and green landscaping goals, period. Retaining walls, patios, and basic garden pathways are all in a day’s work for our capable employees.
Over the years, we’ve done so much to assist people who wanted to make their landscape projects more appealing by including hardscape elements into the design. Visit our landscape gallery to view some of our work

Collaboration is a significant element of our accomplishments. Listening in detail to our clients’ hopes is a vital component. Concentrating on their budgets is yet another.
The mission of the Dutch Green team members is to establish outdoor areas that take our clients’ personalities and preferences into full consideration, no matter what.

Another aspect of our approach involves highlighting artificial and natural components that make up outdoor areas and structures alike. Showcasing and highlighting the natural elements of your yard is paramount.
Our business collaborates at length with people who are fans of natural stone. Natural stone is a massive element of our design strategy. We utilize all kinds of products other than natural stone as well.

These products are accessible in a dizzying and diverse assortment of textures, colors, and sizes. Our team members aim tirelessly to figure out form and positioning strategies for all of our clients. The introduction of hardscape products requires harmony and proportion. Answering these things in a manner that makes sense can be suitable for your specific terrain requirements. It can keep your budget requests intact as well.

Call the Dutch Green Team

If you’re serious about the concept of teaming up with hardscaping and landscaping engineers who genuinely care about your outdoor space, then it’s time to drop Dutch Green a line. Call our beloved landscape design business in Ottawa as soon as you get the chance. We can aid you with natural stone, backyard landscaping ideas, decorative stone, interlocking pavers, and so much more. If you’re enthusiastic about the concept of choosing gorgeous and durable materials that are a solid fit for your structure’s design approach, then we can come through for you at any time. Reach out to our amiable and knowledgeable team members now.


The following is an example of a grand entrance stairway and multi-level garden from construction process from start to finish:






A variety of hardscaping products ready just for you.


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